As the 21st Century begins, we have witnessed technological innovations
which have revolutionized not only our day-to-day lives but also the way we do
business in this country and in the world. The field of law is no exception.

Our small-office law firm, thanks to the advancements in computers and other
related technology, can compete with the biggest of the law firms, and with the
touch of a keystroke can retrieve information from the other side of the world in
a matter of seconds.

The Evans Law Firm takes pride in being equipped to step into the next century.
As a computerized office, we are designed to produce work for our clients
quickly, efficiently and competently. Yet, at the same time, we desire to maintain
that one-on-one relationship that clients appreciate.

The Evans Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to represent you.

Jessie Evans
Attorney at Law
712 E. Peace Street
Canton, Mississippi
(601) 855-2255
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